After studying trumpet and piano at Chicago College of Performing Arts and the University of Kentucky, John Tuck played with the U.S. Naval Academy's premiere contemporary music ensemble "The Electric Brigade".  He served as the trumpet player, keyboardist and vocalist for 5 years.  After his enlistment with the Navy band, he continued his musical career as a dueling piano player for Howl at the Moon and Howl-to-go in several cities including Baltimore, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Hollywood, Boston, Chicago, and Denver.  As a big fan of summer and winter outdoor activities, he plans to make Denver his home for many years to come. 

     Amy Behrman Tuck learned piano at age 10 and started playing professionally in 2006.  After attending CSULB for music, she has performed for dueling piano clubs in Seattle, San Mateo, and Las Vegas. She spent a decade playing for Howl at the Moon and Howl-to-go in numerous cities including Hollywood, Houston, Kansas City, Singapore, and Denver. She is proficient in piano, drums, and her most favorite, voice.  Some of her favorite artists to cover are the Eagles, Shania Twain, Stevie Nicks, and anything 90s.  

Colorado Keys About The Players






     John and Amy have been dueling together since 2012 and each have ten years of experience behind them.  They have played for numerous weddings, corporate events, and dueling piano clubs across the nation.  With their endless repertoire streaming from jazz standards, to classic rock, to top 40's pop, to hip-hop, they are able to entertain any audience!  Their all-request show includes two pianos, sound gear, lighting, and most importantly, two fun musicians to play whatever you want to hear.         (Drumset available upon request.)             



Upcoming Public Shows

May 25: Charlie's Place, Great Bend, KS

May 31: Ophelia's Electric Soapbox, Denver, CO

June 7-9: Moonshine & Ale, New Braunfels, TX

June 14-16: Michael Murphy's, Oklahoma City, OK

​June 22: The Boot, Loveland, CO